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On this DVD, the X-TrainFit At Home Training Circuit Burnout, you will get a true complete total body conditioning workout. This is a body numbing routine that provides a full body workout alternating between toning and cardio exercises.

For many, this extreme home workout will be the most challenging of the workouts, initially. However; we show multiple levels of difficulty for all fitness levels of ability. Once you become good at a level and master it, you move to the next one; becoming more fit and lean and making your entire body looking the best it can look. As your fitness level increases, the DVDs still offer a challenge as you proceed through the program by pushing you to the next level.

We will take you through a series of non-stop exercises that alternate between plyometric and agility-type cardio drills and full body toning. Just when you think you cannot do another moment of cardio, we move onto toning to help recover that heart rate. By alternating between cardio and toning, and bringing that heart rate down and back up, we make that heart beat more efficiently at rest and burn maximum amounts of calories. This 81 minute fitness video provides the best workout because it is designed to provide maximum results efficiently as it targets all the muscle groups in the upper and lower body. If you are ready to sweat, burn fat, get lean, ripped and fit, than this killer workout is just for you.

This is the one DVD in the set that gives you the best workout, so if you only do one in the whole set, make it this one!

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